All my camera equipment is professional grade Canon. I have additional backup cameras as well, so if something were to break during the course of your wedding day, we are fully covered to keep going with no worry to you.  I also use a wide variety of lenses for different parts of the day. 

frequently asked questions




If I haven't photographed at your venue before don't sweat it. New locations are often my favorite to photograph because I am coming into it with a fresh creative eye and not just reinventing something I have already done. I will typically arrive to the venue a little early (on my own time) to scope everything out; check the direction the light is coming from, make sure certain spots aren't muddy, getting a plan in place so when its photo time we are ready to go and we use all the allocated time to the optimum, so we can get you back to your friends and family to celebrate!

what if you haven't been to our venue before?

what equipment do you use? what if it breaks?

do you have business insurance?

I absolutely do! If you venue needs any documentation, please let me know.

do you watermark your photos?
Can we print them?

I do not watermark your photos. These are your photos to print and enjoy. Your photos come with a full print release so you can print them anywhere your heart desires. The digital gallery I send you will have the option to order prints directly from. This professional print lab is very high quality and I know the colors will look amazing. Printing at Walmart, CVS, Snapfish, etc I cannot gaurentee the outcome and quality.

do you photograph more than one wedding a day?

This would be physically impossible to be at more than one wedding per day.  Once a date is booked it is cleared from my availability calendar. On certain dates I am able to offer an associate photographer. An associate is a photographer who works for me, is equally skilled and able to handle your day, but then all editing is done by Vicki. You will never recieve an associate photographer unless it is agreed upon and part of your contract!

how long have you been a photographer?
how many weddings have your photographed?

I have been a photographer since 2016 and have been mainly photographing weddings since 2017. I have photographed over 250 weddings.

will we have a second photographer? 
Do we need one?

I automatically include a second photographer for all weddings over 7 hours. Having a second photographer is so beneficial for quite a few reasons; 
-more photos taken, more photos delivered
-we can be in two places at once, so helpful when you are getting ready and the locations are not in the same  place.
-I can focus on you and they can focus on your guest experience.
-It's a built in insurance policy, if I am not catching a moment, they probably are and vice versa. We are human, but we get everything we can!

how many photos will we get?

There is no complete answer for this. It really depends on a lot of factors; size of the weddings, hours we are there, amount of details, energy of your guests, etc. It usually is in the realm of 75-100 photos per hour over coverage, but it truly varies and could be be more! I never hold anything back, if its a good photo you are getting it. After your wedding I go through and remove anything that is repetative, blurry, people blinking, etc.

how long does it take to get our photos back?

For sessions you will get your photos back within 2 weeks. For weddings you will get your full gallery back within 8-12 weeks. I do same day sneak peeks (possibly next day if I am traveling) So you will have a hand full of photos within 24 hours that you can share with friends, family and social media! Also, depending on my work load it could be less than 8 weeks. It just depends on the time of year your wedding is, but trust me I want you to have them as quickly as possible! 

do you do engagement sessions too?

Absolutely! In fact, if you book your wedding with Garnet Dahlia you will receive a complimentary engagement session with your wedding collection. I think these sessions are super important to get to know each other, you get a sense of my vibe and realize those photos on your wedding day are no big deal, they are going to be a fun part of your day. We learn all your best angles. It's a good time! 
If you are just booking an engagement session before committing to the whole wedding, those sessions start at $550. 

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