Photographs that transcend the time you have
with the people you love.

The little moments; the instant your eyes lock on each other for the first time dressed up and ready to join your lives together, the flower girl twirling in her dress dreaming about her one-day wedding, your parents sobbing during the ceremony as their child moves onto this next phase of their life, the tear rolling down your cheek as you listen to your soulmates vows, when you look out during your reception to a sea of people who you have hand selected to be part of this day, old friends livin’ it up on the dance floor (and dragging your grandma out there too)!

Everyone’s moments are different...
your legacy is you,
your family,
your story.



Meet Vicki

The sentimental soul

...I would give anything in the world to have had my dad to dance with on my wedding day. I know what it’s like not to be able to experience those moments and its heartbreaking. Having your memories documented is truly one of the most important things. When we look back on our lives we are the sum of our experiences and being able to share that journey with your present and future family is such a gift. 

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