I picked up photography as a medium to document my daughter’s life. All of the photos of my childhood are poor quality and while they do the job, I wanted something more for my little girl. I lost my dad at far too young of an age and I will be damned if my child doesn’t have incredible memories to look back on with all the people who love her so much.


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As time went on I found this love for documenting weddings. This pivotal time in people’s lives when everyone’s hearts are so filled with love. It’s more than just the beginning of this couples lives together, but the families and friends who are celebrating this couple and their journey. The couple who love each other yes, but grandma over in the corner who raised your mom, watched your mom raise you and is beaming with joy for their grandchild.

I would give anything in the world to have had my dad to dance with on my wedding day. I am an extremely sentimental person. I know what it’s like not to be able to experience those moments and its heartbreaking. Having your memories documented is truly one of the most important things. When we look back on our lives we are the sum of our experiences and being able to share that journey with your present and future family is such a gift.


It’s not just some random name I came up with.

Garnet was my dad’s name. I really wanted his memory to live on in some way, to honor him,
to have a reason to say his name everyday when I can’t just pick up the phone and call him,
to show my daughter how important he was to me, to keep him in my everyday life.

Dahlias are my favorite flower.
I adore the meaning behind them; perseverance and an unbreakable bond.
It’s so powerful.


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Especially together. New adventures are our thing. More from Wuthering Heights...One fine summer morning - it was the beginning of harvest, I remember - Mr. Earnshaw, the old master, came down-stairs, dressed for a journey; and, after he had told Joseph what was to be done during the day.


Capturing the two of you where your love grows every day. More from Wuthering Heights...It seemed a long while to us all - the three days of his absence - and often did little Cathy ask when he would be home. Mrs. Earnshaw expected him by supper-time on the third evening.

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